Wimbledon Betting Guide

Bet On Wimbledon TennisWelcome to our Wimbledon betting guide. In the guide we’ll show you the best Wimbledon betting sites, the history of the tournament and when the next tournament takes place. If you want to bet on Wimbledon then you’ve come to the right place.

Wimbledon is probably the oldest and most well-known Tennis competition in the world. Played on grass, it usually creates exciting and varied action that is great for betting on. As well as there being the usual Men’s and Ladies singles competitions, there are also doubles and mixed doubles competitions, as well as boys and girls competitions. The sheer amount of matches played over the two weeks at Wimbledon means there are plenty of options, and plenty of different ways to bet on Wimbledon tennis matches. During Wimbledon, many matches are also televised, meaning you can create extra excitement by betting on the matches you intend to watch. The best Tennis betting site for Wimbledon is listed below.

#1 Wimbledon Betting Site – Bet365.com

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If you’re planning to bet on Wimbledon then we recommended Bet365 as the best Wimbledon betting site. When it comes to Wimbledon betting you’ll find that Bet365 will be providing extra incentives and bonuses for those intending to place wagers on the Wimbledon tennis matches.

Bet365 have many markets available for each match, including set betting and in some cases game betting. This means that not only can you just bet on the outcome of the entire match, but you can also place wagers in individual games and sets. This opens up a huge amount of possibilities. Naturally you can bet ‘in play’ on virtually all the matches that are covered live, and since tennis is a game that can change suddenly or throw up unexpected results, you can sometimes find bets that are very good value indeed.

As well as ‘in play’ bets, Bet365 allow you to place multiple bets, meaning you can combine a group of results for even better odds. You can top up your betting account with at Bet365 with funds from a large range of sources including PayPal, bank accounts and VISA and MasterCard’s. Plus there’s a £200 free bet on offer to all new customers.

History of Wimbledon and Past Winners

The famous Wimbledon tournament is always played at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club every year. This club began in 1868 and was originally only a croquet club. Tennis was such a popular sport however in the late nineteenth century that it was soon renamed as a Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club. Originally the club was located in Worple Road in Wimbledon, but in 1922 it moved to much larger grounds in Church Road.

Perhaps the most famous court at Wimbledon is ‘Centre Court’. This is where all the major finals are held. Recently a retractable roof has been added so that matches can continue even when play is suspended on other courts due to rain.

The first winner of the Gentlemen’s final was Spencer Gore. Since then there has been many winners, right up to the present day. Novak Djokovic is the current Wimbledon Gentlemen’s champion, and Petra Kvitova is the current Ladies champion.

There has been no British men’s champion since Fred Perry won the title in 1936, and no British ladies champion since Virginia Wade in 1977. Historically, there are 128 players entered into each singles event each year, resulting in four rounds plus quarter finals, semi-finals and a final. Wimbledon is a very prestigious event that is sometimes attended by senior royals, including the Queen. It’s also one of the four major tennis events that make up the four ‘Grand Slams’ on the pro tennis calendar and of the four Wimbledon betting is the most popular.

Upcoming Dates for Wimbledon

Wimbledon is played every year starting on the Monday between the 20th and 26th of June. The event lasts for 13 days in total, with the middle Sunday being a rest day. On occasions where rain has severely disrupted the schedule, sometimes there is play on the middle Sunday, and occasionally there has also been the need to extend Wimbledon to the Monday after the final Sunday. You can expect to see Wimbledon betting sites being to post odds around the start of the year but things really heat up towards the start of June.

Throughout the entire competition, betting is a big part of Wimbledon, especially now that betting is readily available on iPhone and other Smartphone’s. It’s quite common to see people at Wimbledon with a Smartphone in one hand and a bowl of strawberries and cream in the other.

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