Best Online Casino Slots

Best Online Casino Slots

Who knows what the best online casino slots really are? Well as much as we’d like to be able to point you in the direction of the best slot machine on the planet the fact of the matter is that there’s loads of good options and different people have their different favourite slot machines.

In this section of our site you’ll find a whole host of slot machine reviews. These reviews all cover where to play the game, the pros and cons, main game features, betting limits, jackpot prizes, bonus rounds, free spins and our personal thoughts on the slot in question. You’ll see all the different slots we cover listed down the right and left hand side of the casino slots section. All are listed in alphabetical order to make things easy to navigate.

If you’re looking for a new online slot machine to try then we suggest you check out some of the different links. You can play all the slot machines on offer at the 888 casino who are currently offering all new players a 100% deposit bonus up to a max of £200.

What we’ll give you now is a list of our top three slot machines from this section of our website:

Top 3 Online Casino Slots

1 – Call Of Duty Slot Machine

In top spot for us is the Call of Duty slot machine game. It’s themed around the massively popular console game and offers players various bonus rounds and the chance to win free spins as well. The top jackpot is 5,000 coins.

If you visit our Call of Duty slot machine review you’ll see we ended off scoring the game with top marks. This is mainly due to the inventive bonus round the slot machine offers. We won’t ruin it for you now but check out the review for more details and to find out where to play online.

2 – Monopoly Slot Machine

Everyone has played Monopoly the board game at some point in their lives and whilst it might take forever to complete its still great fun. The slot machine which is based on the board game offers faster action and plenty of features to keep things interesting. Plus the top jackpot is 250,000 coins which is a life changing amount of money for anyone!

We scored Monopoly with 9 out 10 when we did our Monopoly slot machine review. The only reason the game didn’t get the full 10 was the fact that although a bonus round was offered there was no chance to win free spins. A bit nit picky we know but even without free spins this is a top notch slot game.

3 – King Kong Slot Machine

The King Kong slot machine game is our third favourite slot machine and as you can imagine it’s based on the popular movie which has been remade over and over again. The top jackpot is 7,500 coins on this one and there are various cool bonus features and the chance to win free spins whilst in normal play mode.

The King Kong smash bonus round is one of the best in the business and makes playing the King Kong slot machine even more appealing. During our review we gave it 9 out 10 and looking back maybe 10 out of 10 would have been a fairer score. Check it out if you like the film, you’ll love the slot machine even more!


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