Grand National Betting Guide

Grand National betting goes crazy every April all over the UK and throughout the horse racing world. It is a favourite for both casual and professional bettors alike, and many of the bets placed on the Grand National are by people who only bet once a year. It’s safe to say that the Grand National isn’t just a horse race, but an ‘event’ that everyone in the UK talks about. Even if actual bets aren’t placed, it’s commonplace to see sweepstakes set up in offices, and even classrooms up and down the country.

The race itself is part of a three-day racing festival held at Aintree near Liverpool. The entire three days are packed with races of all types, meaning there are lots of opportunities to get bets and wagers flowing. Check out the best Grand Nation betting site below, the history of the race and when the next race takes place.

#1 Grand National Betting Site –£25 Free Bet

One of the best Grand National betting sites has got to be BetVictor. This bookmaker is well known for providing one of the best services to online punters, both professional and casual. On the days leading up to Aintree Grand National, BetVictor will feature the Grand National on its website. In fact, it’s common to see the Grand National betting odds featured throughout the first part of the calendar year, as it really is the most popular horse race in the world.

Due to the number of runners and the unpredictability of the race, you can usually find horses running in the Grand National at huge odds. Some of the outsiders can be 500-1 or even 1000-1. It’s also known for some of these outsiders to do very well indeed, such as Mon Mome who won in 2009 that started the race at 100-1. Many punters managed to get 200-1 or even higher on this horse the day before the race.

BetVictor allows you to easily place bets on the Grand National, and you can quickly open a betting account, even if you only intend to use it for that one race. It also allows you to place each-way bets as you would normally in a betting shop. Why not bet on a number of horses and hedge your bets? BetVictor accommodates all betting styles and is really easy to navigate.

History of the Grand National and Past Winners

As previously stated, the Grand National is the most famous of all horse races in the world, and is the race that every jockey and every trainer wants to win. It is famous for its length, and the number of fences on the course. It is also one of the oldest races in the world, beginning in 1836.

The first horse to win the Grand National was called ‘The Duke’, and since then the race has been run every year until the present day. The race is a national event in the UK, and frequently tops the UK television ratings on the day of ‘The National’ as it’s sometimes referred to.

The most recent winner of the Grand National was Jason Maguire riding on Ballabriggs. This horse was considered to be overweight before the start and was therefore started at relatively long odds of 14/1. However, he won nevertheless. Before that, ‘Don’t Push It’ won after being the joint favourite and before that ‘Mon Mome’ at 100/1. This goes to show how unpredictable the race can be. So if you do plan to bet on the Grand National don’t rule out the long shots.

One of the most famous Grand Nationals was in 1993 when the entire was declared void after a mix-up at the start. One horse managed to get tangled in the starting tape, and much of the field started the race not knowing that a false start had been declared. Seven horses ran the full distance.

Upcoming Dates for the Grand National

The Grand National is due to be run in 2012 on the 14th April, following two other days of racing at Aintree. Already the countdown has begun to the race, and many of the online bookmakers are already advertising for the Grand National. The previous two days at Aintree are called ‘Liverpool Day’ and ‘Ladies Day’, and each day consists of a number of races giving punters a lot of choice for which to place their bets. Betting on the 2012 Grand National is expected to be as popular as ever.

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