Masters Betting Guide

Bet On The MastersWelcome to our Masters betting guide.

The Masters is one of the four largest and most prestigious championships in the game of golf. For those who enjoy betting on golf, it’s also one of the most popular tournaments for betting. Known as the U.S. Masters outside America, betting options on the Masters are usually very broad, with many markets dedicated to the event.

The Masters usually runs in the first week of April every year, and is held at Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia. The ultimate prize of winning the Masters is to wear the coveted green jacket given only to winners of the Masters. The green jacket forms part of the prize, as well as a trophy and substantial prize money.

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Bet365 is usually the first choice betting site for placing bets on the Masters. Bet365 has a section of their site dedicated to the Masters from the end of March making it really easy to find the markets you’re looking for.

The Masters is generally played out in two sections. The first two rounds are played out by all players, and following the first 36 holes, half the players are eliminated. This elimination is called “the cut”, which opens up yet more betting opportunities. It is usually possible to bet on individual players to say whether they will “make the cut” or not. Other more exotic bets include whether a hole in one will be scored, and as this is quite rare, the odds are usually very good. Plus there’s a £200 free bet on offer to all new customers at Bet365 which makes it the best Masters betting site in our eyes.

Bet365 often runs specific promotions for the Masters, with bonuses and other incentives. These are usually available to existing customers as well as new customers, and makes placing bets on the Masters even more worthwhile. In addition, you can also bet ‘in play’ once the Masters has begun, which allows you to react during the action, and as the Masters is televised live it can make watching the Masters on TV even more exciting.

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History of the Masters and Past Winners

The Augusta National Golf Club was built in 1931, and the first tournament was held there in 1934, although at this time it wasn’t called ‘The Masters’. Known simply as the Augusta National Invitational at the time, the first winner was American Horton Smith. In fact, it wouldn’t be until 1961 until a non-American would win the tournament, and this was South African Gary Player.

The most successful Masters champion of all time is Jack Nicklaus, who has won the Masters a total of six times. His most recent win was in 1986. Following Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer won four titles between 1958 and 1964, and Tiger Woods has also won it twice between 1997 and 2005. Only three players have successfully defended their titles, those being Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods and Nick Faldo. Masters betting always go crazy over Tiger Woods so expect plenty of special bets surrounding him and his performance.

The Augusta National Golf Club is always under a state of improvement, and that means the course is usually subtlety different from year to year. The most severe change happened in 2001 when the course was lengthened from 6,925 yards to 7,270 yards. It was lengthened again in 2006 to 7,445 yards. As well as the length, different types of grass have been used over the years for the putting greens, and different types of sand in the bunkers.

Upcoming Dates for the Masters

The Masters is always played during the first week of April, and in 2012 will be between the 5th and 8th of April. The players are selected by the Augusta National Golf Club over the course of the year and are done on an invitational basis. Due to this, many past champions tend to play, along with some who have won amateur championships. This means the field is varied and makes it very interesting from a betting point of view. For example, high ranked players who have short odds sometimes don’t perform, whereas amateur players can sometimes make the cut and do very well.

Master betting doesn’t half make the tournament more fun to watch – we suggest Bet365 if you’re going to bet on the Masters, it’s our favourite Masters betting site by some distance.

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