Trixie Bet Explained

A Trixie bet often puts people off as it sounds much more complicated than it actually is. To understand it properly, you need to break it down into its component parts.

For this article I’ll be looking at how a Trixie is made up, how to place Trixie bets at online betting sites and what the advantages and disadvantages are. First I’ll start with a ‘What is a Trixie bet?’ section to give you an idea of how the bet works.

What Is A Trixie Bet?

It consists of four bets in total, with three selections in different events. It’s effectively a combination of 3 double bets and one treble bet. To get a return at least two of your selections must be correct. To see how it works in practice, follow the example below.

Trixie Bet Example

If I think Manchester United, Chelsea and Barcelona are all going to win their respective matches today, I can place a Trixie on the outcomes. I want to place £5 per bet, and back Man United at 2.0, Chelsea at 3.3 and Barcelona at 2.2 (all decimal odds, to make it easier to see how it works).

There are three possible outcomes for my bet.

Outcome 1 – I don’t get any predictions right, or I just get one right. The bet is a loser, and I get nothing back

Outcome 2 – I get two of the forecasts right (Manchester United and Chelsea), giving me a winning double. I get part of the total stake returned, plus a profit calculated by:

Profit = total stake / 4 x ((match 1 odds x match 2 odds) -1) – (total stake / 4 x 3)
Profit = 5 x ((2 x 3.3) -1) – (18.75) = £9.25

Outcome 3 – I get all three of my predictions correct, so both parts of the bet win – the three doubles, and the treble. I therefore get the entire stake returned, plus the profit which is calculated by:

Profit = total stake / 4 x ((match 1 odds x match 2 odds x match 3 odds) -1 + total stake / 4 x ((match 1 odds x match 2 odds) -1)
+ total stake / 4 x ((match 1 odds x match 3 odds) -1)
+ total stake / 4 x ((match 2 odds x match 3 odds) -1

Profit = (5 x 13.52) + (5 x 6.6) + (5 x 3.4) + (5 x 6.26) = £156.30

You can see from the example how this allows you to obtain greater profits for getting all the predictions correct, while still locking in some profit if you only get two correct.

OK I know it’s a little complex when you first start looking at the maths. If you’re new to Trixie betting then I suggest you head over to, claim the bonus and use their bet calculator to work out the returns on all your Trixie bets.

How to Place a Trixie Bet

1. Log into your account and check you have the required funds – remember that this bet is effectively four in one, so if you want a £5 stake on each part it will cost you £20 in total

2. Choose the sport from the menu on the left hand side of the home page, and when the screen refreshes to show all the events, place a tick in the boxes next to all the events you want make part of your Trixie

3. Click the pencil icon to the right of the name – this is the ‘create coupon’ icon and allows you to group your selections on one screen.

4. Click the odds next to each selection – this will add them to your betting slip.

5. Go to the betting slip (right hand side of the screen) and click the ‘multiple bet options’ button.

6. Check the box marked ‘Trixie’ to create the right kind of bet, then click ‘confirm bet’ to place the bet.

7. Check the receipt that you’ll now receive to make sure you did it right.

8. If you win, the profits will be added to your account automatically.

The best place to try out Trixie bets is

Trixie Bet Risk & Reward

A Trixie bet gives the best of both worlds, as I’ll make more profit than with single bets but at lower risk than a traditional accumulator.

To make the most out of it you’ll need to be confident that you have a reasonable strike rate with your single bets, and you’ll probably find a pattern emerging. The more common occasions where you only get a couple of selections right will just keep your bank ticking over, while the less frequent combination of all bets winning will increase the balance significantly.

Head on over to my recommended place for anyone looking to place a Trixie online.