Tricast Bet Explained

By way of introduction to this article, I want to look at tricast bets. It’s a relatively popular type of bet, so I wanted to look at what it is, what sports it is used on, how to place Tricast bets and any other things you need to know about it. Let’s start things off by looking at the question ‘What is a Tricast bet?’.

What is a Tricast?

A Tricast bet is form of forecast betting. It is a natural progression from the usual two predictions made for a forecast but in this case you are making one extra prediction. That one extra selection doesn’t sound like much, but believe me it makes getting a winning bet a lot harder. The rewards though are of course great.

In this one, you are predicting the first three finishers in a single event and as it’s normally done on horse racing or greyhound racing you should have plenty of choice – a quick look at the race cards any day of the week will confirm this.

It isn’t an easy thing to get right though. As if it wasn’t difficult enough to predict the first three anyway, you also have to get them in the right order. There are certain other conditions attached, too – in horse racing you have to have at least 8 runners declared in a handicap for the option to be offered and in greyhound racing there must be at least 6 runners.

Tricast Bet Example

If you choose horses Red Robin, White Gold and Yellow Sun as a Tricast in a particular race, then you need to them to finish in that exact order for you to win.

You get nothing back at all otherwise, even if you have part of the prediction correct – singles, doubles and anything else you can think of are excluded from this type of bet.

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How to Place a Tricast Bet

Placing a Tricast is easy, especially if you are already familiar with placing other types of bet. Just in case it’s all new to you, the following process should give you an idea of how to do it. It’s based on Betfred, but all online betting sites work more or less the same way.

1. If you haven’t already, enter the main site via the ‘Sports’ link.

2. Sign in to your account.

3. Fund it if necessary – you need enough for your stake, and it’s better to do it now before you try to place your bet.

4. Choose either horseracing or greyhound racing from the sports menu on the left.

5. Choose the race you want to bet on – remember you’ll only be offered a Tricast in an 8 or more horse handicap, or a 6 or more entry greyhound race.

6. Make your three selections from the available runners. Crucially, you need to add them to your betting slip in the order that you want your Tricast in.

7. You’ll now see your selections listed individually in the betting slip.

8. Expand the ‘multiple bet’ options tab and choose ‘Tricast’.

9. Enter your stake.

10. Confirm your bet.

11. Watch the race and wait for the result!

The above instructions will help you place a Tricast bet at

Risks & Rewards of Tricast Bets

This is obviously a difficult bet to get right. Predicting 3 finishers in the correct order isn’t something that you can do with any regularity unless you are very good or very lucky, and for that reason it isn’t a bet that you should be using without being very confident about your predictive abilities.

If you want to reduce the risk a bit, and make yourself feel a bit more confident about your selections, you can change the tricast bet into a combination tricast. Doing this means that as long as your 3 choices come in first, second and third in any order you will win, but of course it will cost you more as it’s really several single tricasts lumped together.

Additionally, the dividend for a tricast isn’t calculated until after the race, so you don’t know how much you stand to win until the payout is made. This is because tricasts are generally based on a pool or pot, like the Tote, with all the money from entries divided between the winners afterwards. Having said that if you do manage to get a Tricast bet spot on then you’re in for a seriously big payout.

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