Treble Bet Explained

In this article, I’m going to explain a little bit about treble bets – what they are, how they work, how to place treble bets and pretty much everything else you need to know about them. Well start by covering the question ‘What is a treble bet?’.

What is a Treble Bet?

A treble bet is a type of accumulator bet and will appeal to anyone who wants increased profits but doesn’t mind increasing their risk slightly when compared to single bets or double bets.

Rather than putting on three single bets, you place one bet that covers three events. For each event, the winnings are rolled over and used as the stake on the next event, so you can rapidly build up to placing a large stake for a small initial outlay.

To be successful all your predictions must be correct – if you get any of your three selections wrong, then the treble bet is lost.

A treble bet is often placed by punters as a long term bet, for example on football markets when placing it early on in the season, with the expectation of collecting near the end. There isn’t anything to stop you placing them on other markets though, or placing them on events occurring on the same day.

Treble Bet Example

If we use football as an example, you make three selections that you believe will win. You place a £5 treble on Manchester United winning the FA Cup, Arsenal winning the Premiership and Chelsea winning the Champions League at The odds of these bets are 3/1, 7/1 and 5/1 respectively.

Manchester United wins the FA Cup, so you get a £20 payout (£5 stake back, plus £15 profit). The £20 is then used as the stake on Arsenal.

Arsenal wins the Premiership, so you get £160 as the stake for the next part.

Chelsea wins the Champions League, so your payout is £960. Not a bad return for a £5 outlay!

Remember that if you had got any of these predictions wrong, you’d have lost. You can’t change your mind halfway through and bank the profits, either.

How To Place a Treble Bet

Follow these instructions to place a treble bet on Betfred. If you have another site you prefer to use, you’ll find that they work in a similar way anyway.

1) Make sure you are logged in and that you have deposited enough money in your account to pay for your stake.

2) On the home page, select the sport or sports you are planning to bet on from the menu on the left hand side and click the name to select it.

3) The screen will then refresh to show you all the upcoming events for that sport.

4) Look for the three events you are interested in, and click box next to each of them.

5) Once there is ‘tick’ in the next to each event of interest, click the ‘pencil’ icon on the right of the name of one of the events.

6) Clicking the icon takes you to the ‘create coupon’ page, which will open up a new screen that displays all the entrants of the three events you have chosen.

7) For each event, click the odds of the outcome you want to back and each time you make a selection, it will be added to your bet slip.

8) When you’ve made all three choices, go to the bet slip and click the ‘Multiple bet Options’ link on the slip.

9) Make sure your choices are listed, click the ‘treble’ option, and enter your stake.

10) Click the ‘Confirm Bet’ button, to place your treble. You will receive a receipt confirming the bet details, which you should check again to make sure you’ve done it correctly.

11) All you need to do now is wait for the results – if you win, your account will be credited shortly after the result becomes official.

Now you know how to place a treble bet why not give one a go at using the guide above.

Treble Bets Risks & Rewards

A big advantage of a treble is that you can often get very good odds on the later parts of the bet, as they are all set at the point you place it.

In the example we stated earlier if you wait for Man United to win the FA and then put your winnings on Arsenal to win the Premier League. Arsenal might be 10 points clear at the time the FA Cup is over and you’re odds will be severely reduced.

If you placed each bet as a single bet, you’d usually find that the odds were shortening after each part. That doesn’t happen when you place a treble bet as you lock in the odds right at the beginning.

The main disadvantage is that as the number of correct predictions needed to win increases, so does the risk of one losing. To be successful with this type of bet, you should already have a good strike rate with single bets.

Treble bets can be seriously profitable but it takes someone with a strong nerve to place them. Why not have a crack now at