Sixfold Bets Explained

A Sixfold bet is exactly what you imagine it to be – a single bet consisting of six different elements, all of which have to be predicted correctly in order for you to win.

If you have experience of accumulator bets already, then this is just another type with the addition of more stages. If you’re new to it, then read on for more detail and an example of how to place a Sixfold bet.

What Is A Sixfold Bet?

The Sixfold bet is most often seen in horse racing betting, particularly where a meeting has six races.

In that case, those betting have to predict the winner of each race (or a horse that will be placed in each race, if you choose the ‘each way’ option), with the selections being made before the start of the first race.

Assuming your first selection wins, the winnings are then automatically placed as the stake on the next selection. To win, all six predictions have to be correct, so if you get just one wrong then the overall bet loses.

This type of bet can of course be placed on any other sport or combination of events as long as you can get 6 together.

Sixfold Betting Example

The way it works is really very simple, as can be seen by the example below:

You place a £1 Sixfold with your chosen betting site. Your stake can be whatever amount you like, but it’s often just a small amount as even these have the potential for big profits.

In the first race, you choose horse A at 5/1, so your £1 stake goes on that. It wins, so your £6 return is used as the stake on your next selection instead of being handed back to you.

In the next race, you chose horse B at 3/1, and it also wins. You now have £24 as the stake on the third race.

For the third race, your £24 is on horse C at 4/1. Assuming it wins, the return and the value of the stake on race 4 is £120.

So race has £120 staked on horse D at 3/1. This will return £480 when it wins, giving you the stake for race 5.

£480 goes on horse E at 2/1 next. It wins again, so the return of £1440 is used as the stake on the sixth and final selection.

For race 6 then, the stake is £1440 on horse F at 4/1. This means that when it wins, you have a massive return of £7200, all from your original £1 stake.

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How to Place a Six Fold Bet

Assuming you are using a website like Betfred, your procedure should be roughly as follows:

1) Log in and fund your account if you need to, taking account of any minimum bet requirements for your preferred bookie.

2) Choose the sport from the menu on the left of the screen.

3) Choose the relevant events from the list provided by clicking the box next to them, so a tick appears.

4) Click the pen icon on the right.

5) Make your selection for each of the six events by clicking on the odds – this will add them to your coupon.

6) Look at the betting slip on the right of the screen, and expand the ‘Multiple Bet Options’ list by clicking on it.

7) Select ‘Sixfold’ from the list, and click ‘confirm bet’ to place it.

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Risks & Rewards of Sixfold Bets

The rewards of getting a Sixfold bet correct are obvious, as from very small initial stakes you can generate some huge profits.

The downside, of course, is that with six choices to make the chances of something going wrong are increased and you will find you get a much lower strike rate than if you were placing single bets.

Patience is key, as you might have to endure long losing runs before you get a winner, although as it only needs small stakes the financial risks can be kept to a minimum.

If you are betting on horse racing and feel cautious, you can do the ‘each way’ route and choose each way bets rather than outright wins. This choice is slightly safer, and will result in a higher strike rate but give lower returns as you will only get the ‘place’ odds for each selection.