Lucky 15 Bet Explained

This is a guide to the type of bet known as ‘Lucky 15’. We’ll delve into what a Lucky 15 bet is, how to place a Lucky 15 bet and what the benefits and disadvantages of it are.

I’ll kick things off with a section about what a Lucky 15 bet actually is.

What is a Lucky 15 Bet?

If you hadn’t already worked it out from the name, a Lucky 15 bet consists of a combination of 15 different bets. They are massively popular at football betting sites but can be used to bet on anything as long as you make 4 selections.

It can be a bit intimidating at first, but by looking at all the elements that make up the bet you’ll soon see that it is actually much simpler than you think.

I’ve broken it down for you so you can see it a bit more clearly.

Lucky 15 Betting Example

You start by make four predictions in four different events. This means you are placing the following bets:

4 singles – Predict the winner in 4 separate events.

6 doubles – Your four singles are combined to create 6 doubles. You receive a payout based on the number of doubles that are winners.

4 trebles – Your four singles are again combined to create 4 trebles. You will receive a payout on this element if one or more of the trebles is a winner.

1 fourfold – This comes into play if all four of your singles bets win, and is where you can really boost your profits.

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How to place a Lucky 15 Bet

Placing a lucky 15 bet is probably easier than you think. Assuming you’ve placed single bets before, it really isn’t much more complicated than that. Internet sites like do everything they can to make placing bets easy, and this one is no exception.

1. Sign in to your account, and choose the sport from the main menu. Horse racing is a popular choice for a lucky 15, but there’s no reason you can’t go with another sport if you prefer, as you long as you can make 4 selections in 4 events.

2. Choose the four events you want to base your bet on, and click the ‘create coupon’ icon on the right – it looks like a pencil.

3. Make one selection from each event. Do it by clicking the odds next to your choice.

4. Go to the bet slip, and click the ‘multiple bet options’ tab.

5. Check your four selections are listed, and select the ‘lucky 15’ option.

6. Click the ‘confirm bet’ button to place your wager and now wait for the result. Hopefully, you’ll see your account balance increase when the events are over.

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Risks & Rewards of Lucky 15 Bets

Lucky 15 bets are often seen as good value bets which allow you to hedge between protecting your bank and making the most of opportunities to make a profit. Because it includes a number of singles, you have a chance to cover your stake or make a small profit even if none of your combinations win.

If you want to reduce your risk at the expense of a smaller potential profit, then you also go ‘each way’ for your singles selections. Payouts for this element will are then based on a fraction of the win odds instead, but remember an each way bet can cost you more to place.

Some betting sites will even pay out a consolation amount, typically double or triple the odds, if only one of your single bets wins. There is also a possible bonus which can be up to 10% of the total winnings if you have got all four of your predictions right. Of course, the fact that bookies a re willing to do this gives you some idea of the likelihood of it happening!

The potential downsides are in the expense of placing such a bet. Because you have 15 bets to place, even a £1 stake will cost you £15. This means that a losing streak can quickly deplete your bank which may take a long time to recover from.

You need to be fairly confident in your ability to predict winners to get the most out of this one, so be sure that you have a good background in less complex bets first.

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