Heinz 57 Bet Explained

A Heinz 57 bet is one of those that most people have heard of, but few can explain. This piece should change that, and once you’ve read it you will know why it got its name, what it consists of, how to place a Heinz 57 bet and what the upsides and downsides are.

What is a Heinz 57?

There used to be an advertising campaign which promoted the variety and number of products available under the Heinz food label, and there happened to be 57 of them. By an amazing coincidence there are 57 combinations within this bet, so it adopted the name.

The basic principle is quite easy to understand, and it shouldn’t take too long to work out your bets as you only have to worry about an initial 6 selections. Once you’ve made your 6 selections, in 6 different events, all the possible combinations are worked out for you by the bookmaker or betting site, resulting in the 57 bets you will be placing for this one. The bets are:

15 doubles
20 trebles
15 fourfolds
6 fivefolds
1 sixfold

There are no restrictions on winning lines with this bet. Getting just one winning double will result in a payout, though if that’s all you get it is very unlikely that you will even cover your stake. For a Heinz 57 bet to really pay, you need to be getting a good proportion of the doubles and trebles right, and hopefully as a bonus you’ll get some of the bigger combinations too.

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How to Place a Heinz 57 Bet

1. From the main sports menu, choose your sport. A Heinz 57 is commonly seen in horse racing, but it is accepted on plenty of other sports too.

2. On the next screen, you’ll see a list of upcoming races. Select the 6 that you are going to make your predictions on.

3. Click ‘Create Coupon’ – on Bet 365 it’s on the right of the race or event name, and looks like a pencil.

4. The next screen will list the cards for your 6 races, giving details of all the participants. Choose 1 from each race by clicking on the name or the odds at the side of it.

5. When you’ve selected all 6, go to your betting slip or bet basket – your selections will all now be listed there.

6. In the bet slip, you might see a list of bet types straight away or you might need to expand the list by clicking the ‘multiple bet options’ tab. Either way, you need to choose the ‘Heinz 57’ option.

7. Enter your stake – remember that this a stake per unit, not for the overall bet, so whatever you enter will cost you 57 x more to place the bet – and you’ll see the total cost field update.

8. Double check your selections, and click the ‘confirm bet’ button to place it.

9. That’s it until the races are run and the results are known. If you’ve got things right, you’ll have a hefty credit to your bank account soon afterwards.

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Risks & rewards of Heinz 57 Bets

You’ll notice there are no single bets at all in this one, with the simplest bet being the doubles. The loss of the singles removes an easy opportunity to get a return even if no combinations come in, so it makes the Heinz 57 bet a bit riskier than usual.

Having said that, the increased risk can be offset by the fact that instead of putting money on relatively low paying singles, you are straight into more lucrative combinations. The rewards, therefore, can be much greater with a Heinz 57 bet than with other types of multiple bet, but you need to measure that against the cost of placing the bet in the first place.

As there are 57 different bets in this one, a £1 Heinz will cost you £57, so you before you attempt one of these, you need to be reasonably confident that you can predict at least a handful of doubles and trebles consistently. This will allow you to win back your stake at a minimum, while the four, five and sixfold bets are where significant profits can be made.

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