Accumulator Bet Explained

I’ve written this article to explain some of the principles behind accumulator bets. There are a wide range of these, so before getting into specifics I want to give a general overview of what they are, how to place accumulator bets at online betting sites and what advantages and disadvantages they have over other bet types.

What Is An Accumulator Bet?

An accumulator is also often known as a parlay bet, and although it’s very straightforward in terms of how you do it it’s actually very difficult to get right.

The principle is simple, as all you need to do is choose a number of betting outcomes that you believe will win and this can be on almost market you like. You can do it on football, cricket, rugby, and so on, but the most popular accumulator betting sport is on horse racing.

Once you’ve put your bet on each time you get a selection correct the winnings are rolled over and used as the stake for next part of the bet. Get one pick wrong though and you lose the lot.

You might well have seen the occasional news story where people have won large sums of money from very small bets, often only a pound or two. These are always down to accumulator bets, and the following is a made up example to show you how it could work.

Suppose you have picked out four horses that you think will win in four different races. Instead of putting a £10 stake on each horse, though, you go for a stake of £10 on an accumulator. Assuming each horse wins, then the progression of the bet is as follows:

– Selection 1 – £1 on 4/1 = £50 which rolls on to the next selection.
– Selection 2 – £5 on this at 2/1 = £150 going on to selection 3
– Selection 3 – £15 at 3/1 = £600 which goes on to your final selection.
– Selection 4 – £60 on this selection at 3/1 = £2400 total winnings from your £10 stake.

Of course, if any stage of the bet loses then you’ve lost the whole bet.

How To Place an Accumulator Bet

You can place an accumulator bet on all sorts of different sports, but most people choose horse racing. Even within horse racing you still have a choice, as you can either put the bet on each horse to win or you can back them each way, for a fraction (usually 1/5) of the odds to win.

You can choose as many or as few as you like selections as you like when you place an accumulator bet, with the risk and reward becoming correspondingly greater each time you increase the number of selections you make.

Most online bookmakers use a similar screen layout for placing accumulator bets, so I’m going to use Betfred as my example.

1) Start out by choosing your market from the ‘Sports’ menu on the left hand side of the main page. The page will then list all the upcoming events for that sport, and you need to check the box next to each of the races or games you are interested in.

2) On the right of the page is a small icon that looks like a pen, and clicking this then refreshes the page to show all your selections.

3) When you’ve identified the horse, dogs, teams etc you want to bet on, click on their odds. This will add each of them to your virtual betting slip, found on the right hand side of the screen.

4) When you’ve added all the selections you want to include in the accumulator click the ‘Multiple Bet Options’ link and choose the accumulator bet type.

5) Enter your preferred stake and confirm the bet. You’ll be shown a receipt confirming the bet, and if you win the money will be added to your account automatically.

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Accumulator Betting Risks & Rewards

The odds of winning an accumulator bet are higher than what it would be for a single bet simply because you need a number of selections to win for your bet to be a winner.

The main advantage to accumulator betting is that you only need a low stake in order to win significant amounts and we can see that in the example above. To get the same £2400 return from a single bet, you’d need to be putting a stake of £480 on the first race at odds of 4/1 – and how many people can afford to do that?

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