World Athletic Championships Betting Guide

Athletics is one of the oldest ‘sports’ available to bet on and Wold Athletic Championships betting is second most popular only to the Olympics. These days you can place bets on all World Championship events from running events including marathons and half-marathons, to jumping events and other events such as javelin and discus. The list is endless.

Betting on these events is just as easy as if you were betting on a horse race, and when the world championships are running, many betting sites will dedicate parts of their site to make things even easier. Below we’ve got a section which details the best World Championship betting sites as well as some history of the event and when it is next due to take place. Everything you need to know to bet on the World Athletic Championships is right here.

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If you’re looking for a specialist World Championship betting site, then you might want to consider either Bet365 as your first port of call. They go to extensive lengths to make their betting site the best it can be, and they will even offer bonuses for betting on the World Championships and other incentives like the £200 free welcome bonus.

You can expect betting on every medal event in the World Championships at Bet365 and there will be a range of specials involving records broken, medal counts and even certain athletes.

Keeping track of all your bets on the World Championships can be difficult, especially when there are lots of different events all starting at different times. Bet365 have a personalised area of their site listing all your active bets and can switch between them in an instant. This can be very useful for both casual and professional betters alike plus this can be accessed using your mobile phone as well.

Bet365 has excellent apps for iPhones, Blackberries and Android phones that make betting on the move very easy, so you can keep track (no pun intended!) even when you’re not at home. You can use the apps to place and check bets from your mobile wherever you are.

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History of the World Athletic Championships

The World Athletic Championships are a relatively new competition. It started in 1983 by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF). Until 1983, it was considered that athletes didn’t need a world championship, as the Olympic Games every four years served quite nicely instead. However, pressure for a separate competition grew and the first event in 1983 held in Helsinki was won by East Germany since they won ten gold medals. Arguably The United States could also be considered winners since they won the most medals, twenty-four in total.

Since 1983, the World Championships ran every four years until 1993 when it was decided to increase the number of competitions. Since then the Word Championships have been run every two years, but never in the same year as the Olympics.

The number of events at the World Championships has also increased over the years. Originally there were 41 separate events, rising to 47 at the most recent championships in South Korea. The events added were mainly women’s running events including 10,000m, 10km walk, 5000m and the 3000m steeplechase. Other events added over the years have been the triple jump, pole vault, and the hammer.

The overall leaders of all the World Championships since 1983 is by far the United States with 250 medals, 120 them being Gold. In second place is Russia with 151 total medals, with 46 gold.

Upcoming Dates for the World Athletic Championships

The World Championships are run every two years, and the venue varies each time. The next World Championships are due to be held in 2015 in Beijing. Following this the events in 2017 will be held in London, England, and the 2019 the World Championships have not yet been scheduled therefore a venue is undecided. If you fancy a bet on any of these events, you’ll find they are well covered on television and Internet feeds.

You can expect to see World Championship betting markets to appear in early July but betting on the World Championships won’t hot up until early August.

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