Olympic Games Betting Guide

Olympic Games BettingWelcome to our Olympic Games betting guide. The Olympic Games are probably the oldest collection of athletics and combined sports ever devised. Each Olympic Games is hosted by a different country each time, and run every four years.

Over the decades, more and more sports have been added, meaning there are literally hundreds of events making up the combined Olympic Games and a massive amount of Olympic Games betting markets to boot. This of course is good news for betting fans, as it provides a large influx of new betting markets to wager on. In addition, many of the games are timed sports, such as swimming, running, rowing and cycling.

Bets can be placed on whether world records or Olympic records are broken, as well as who wins the events, or receives a medal for being either first, second or third placed. The best Olympic Games betting sites offer all this and more. Check out our favourite underneath.

#1 Olympic Games Betting Site – Bet365.com

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The best place to bet on the Olympic Games is Bet365. This site is well set up and very intuitive, as well as offering some of the best odds you’ll find anywhere online. In preparation for the Olympic Games betting, Bet365 has a special area on their site dedicated to the games, where every event is listed, and will be updated throughout the Olympic Games period.

In addition, Bet365 is well placed for mobile online betting via their range of Smartphone apps. Using these, you can wager on an Olympic Games event from your armchair, or wherever you may be. You can even place a bet while watching an event from the stands.

Most Olympic Games events on Bet365 are ‘in play’ markets, meaning it’s possible to place bets even after the event has started. This is a very popular way of betting, and is fully supported on Bet365’s website and the Smartphone apps.

We’ve got to admit that one of the other main reasons we selected Bet365 as our best Olympic Games betting site is down to their £200 free welcome bonus. Anyone open a new account can claim it and use it to bet on the Olympic Games – just click the link below and it’s yours.

Olympic Games History

The very first Olympic Games were held in Greece, in the city of Olympia. The history of these ancient games goes back all the way to the 8th Century BC. It wasn’t until more recently during the latter part of the nineteenth century however that the modern version of the games were founded, and in 1894 when the official Olympic committee was founded.

Originally the games were made up of mainly athletic games such as running, swimming, discus, javelin and jumping. However, these days the Olympic Games features many more events that represents all the major sports including cricket, rugby, football and even water sports. In addition, there are now separate summer and winter games that alternate every two years.

Winter games generally focus on sports such as skiing and tobogganing. The Olympic Games also now has a separate event for those who are handicapped, called the Paralympics, and another event dedicated to teenage sports called the Youth Olympic Games.

The most recent Olympic Games held were in 2008 in China. During these games, China won the most Gold medals with 51, and the runners up were United States and Russia with 36 and 23 respectively. It should be noted that United States however won the most medals with 110 in total compared to China’s 100. You’ll be able to bet on Olympic Games medal tables as well as individual events.

Upcoming Dates for Olympic Games / Event Names

The next Olympic Games are due to be run in 2016 in Rio, Brazil. Following this, the Winter Games will be held in PyeongChang in 2018. In addition to the usual track events, bettors will be able to place wagers on sports such as diving, cycling, rowing, sailing, shooting, swimming, tennis, volleyball, and even martial arts such as judo and taekwondo.

Football has also been included, and this will be of particular interest to punters, as football is one of the most popular betting sports, especially with numerous ‘in play’ betting options available. Olympic Games betting has never looked so good.

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